The Gurdjieff Foundation of New Mexico 
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The Gurdjieff Work

In the twentieth century G.I. Gurdjieff introduced to the world a spiritual teaching of vast magnitude, at one and the same time profoundly original and yet deeply faithful to the Ancient Tradition. He was "a human megalith, towering above his contemporaries, in a place by himself, ancient, anonymous, indecipherable."

The Gurdjieff Work seeks to reflect his vision, offering a path of conscious awakening leading to the personal rediscovery of man's sacred inner possibilities.

Throughout his life Gurdjieff worked intensely with pupils who would be responsible for the transmission of the teaching. After his death these pupils came together under the name of the Gurdjieff Foundation.

The original Gurdjieff Foundation groups were established in Paris, London, New York and Caracas. The teaching radiated from those centers and can now be found in metropolitan areas around the world.

The Gurdjieff Foundation and affiliated groups welcome inquiries from all who want to learn more about the work in all its various aspects.